Line Selection Is One Of The Most Important Decisions We Make As Anglers. It's The Only Direct Link Between Us And Fish

Braid is really the best line for flipping and pitching.

This Japanese Material Braid Fishing Line Has Little Or No Stretch. As Most Of You Will Know, Monofilament Has Mountains Of Stretch - Up To 30%. With Braid You Can And Will Feel Bites In Very Deep Water. You Can Even Feel Little Fish Nibbling At Your Cut Bait. The 'FEEL' Is Simply Incredible.  For A Limited Time, Get This Amazing Fishing Line And Save 50% And Enjoy FREE Shipping. 
Item specifics
  • 300 m, 1000 ft
  • Anti-bite
  • Anti-twist
  • SK material from Japan, ensuring stronger strength

WAS $35.00

NOW ONLY $17.50